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Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit

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Have you ever wondered what products you actually need to finish your leather projects?

Have you looked but then not ordered because you didn't know the correct steps to apply them or with what? 

If you have, then this kit was made for you.

I get a lot of question about the products I use to dye & finish my leather tooling projects. I also get a lot of questions about needing to fix issues with finish. Out of these questions I could see there was a hole in what beginning leather crafters needed.

There are many different ways to add color & finish to your leather project & no right way. BUT this kit will help make it simpler for you. 

I like & recommend Fiebing's products as they are all formulated to work together.  

 Fiebing's products included in kit are:

  • 100 % Pure Neatsfoot Oil 8oz
  • Resolene 4oz
  • Pro Dye 4oz Black
  • Pro Dye 4oz Walnut
  • Antique Finish 4oz Medium Brown

Applicators included in the kit are:

  • 2 Sheepskin applicators
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • 2 Foam Chip Brushes
  • 1 White Sock
  • 2 Blue Shop Towels

 If you would like to see how I apply these products please watch this video

(Does Not ship to California per state regulations)

Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit
Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit
Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit
Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit
Leather Color & Finish Starters Kit

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Roades
Great kit!

This kit has everything needed in one place.

Pamela Littlefield
Starter kit

This is beyond incredible, love this kit.

Steve Treat
COLOR & FINISH STARTERS KIT - Efficient, Cost Effective Way to Start

Not only does this kit provide a good starting point for supplies for finishing leather projects, it was very cost effective when compared to buying the same items separately from places like Amazon. The video related to using this kit is also helpful. 23+ shipped my order quickly, which a nice.

Bryce Seneca
Leather Finish Starter Pack

I think this is a great way to get what you need to learn how to finish your projects. Good cost effective start to finishing. The only thing I would like to be changed is the size of the sheepskins. I feel they are a little too small.

Great starter

It's s really great kit that gives you the tools to dive into a small section of the variety of stuff that's available.