At our Hat Bar we help you create a hat as unique as you are! We start by helping you find a hat that you love. Then choose from our large selection of hat “jazz”. We encourage you to pick all the things that make your heart happy & one of our stylists will help you put it together for a one of a kind hat.

Our “jazz” tables have items that you won’t see at other hat bars! We have vintage & custom made pins. Rodeo memorabilia & leather hat pins unique to 23+. There are plenty of cards, feathers & unique hat bands.

mom + daughter custom hats

Come into the 23+ Storefront during our normal hours to meet with a stylist and build your hat.

We also offer 23+ Hat Bar private parties for your friends or as a work event. Please contact us to book your time.

The 23+ Hat Bar is hitting the road in 2024!

We will be hosting pop ups at different events. Please check our Shop Calendar to see where we will be next.

Our Hat Bar