(Digital) Leather Tooling Pattern Book- Vol2

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This is a Digital copy that will be available for you to download and print (the hard copy version is set up as another product)

Leather Tooling Pattern By Joe Meling

Variety Pack - Volume 2

The patterns in this book have the flow and appeal of professional work but have all been designed with the novice tooler in mind. They are meant to be simple to tool and allow you the freedom to develop your own style. The line art for each pattern makes up the basic skeletal structure of your finished work but beyond that its open to your artistic design. Included for each pattern is a process picture showing what direction I bevel each line as well as a final tooled picture. These are only intended to be a reference and a guide for inspiration. One of the beauties of leatherwork is there is no single “right” way to tool a pattern. I hope you enjoy creating and putting your own spin on these patterns.