Beginner Tooling Kit

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Pre-Order Bonus

There are a limited number of pre order kits available. As part of the pre-order purchase, when you get your kit, you will have access to an exclusive training video. This video will have specific training techniques to shorten the learning curve and improve your tooling faster. (Pre-order kits expected to ship out April 18th.)

Basic Kit

The amount of tool options in leathercraft can be overwhelming. There are so many available, but they are not all necessary, especially as you're getting started. This kit has all the tools you need to start floral carving. The impressions these tools make are comparable to those of high-end tools but are at a price point suitable to get started with. These tools will carve the patterns we offer and so many more. All you need to get started is a hard surface to tool on. Everything else is here. 

Kit includes:

Swivel Knife
Flower Center
Small Bevel
(2) Leather coasters
(2) Tooling patterns


Deluxe Kit

This option has everything in the Basic Kit plus added tools that allow you to add more detail to your patterns, a different background option, as well as the necessities to stamp a basket weave pattern. 

Kit Includes:

Everything in the Basic Kit
Stylus/Modeling tool
Mule's foot
Small Bar Grounder
Large Bar Grounder
Basket Stamp
Border Stamp